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The Ratz'n Roll was founded in spring of 2006. Four "veteran" musicians joined their forces and formed a new energetic rhythm & blues group.

The Ratz'n Roll's enthralling sound both in their own songs and covers of well-known ones make your feet move.

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Vocals and guitar

Plays guitar, keys, harp and sings the lead and backing vocals.


Bass and backing vocals

The legendary bass player from Tornio. Played in several local rock bands.


Guitar and backing vocals

Started playing guitar after hearing Hurriganes back in 70's..



Man behind the rhythm. Plays all kind of music and knows every beat - from his heart.

Milk and Alcohol(2018, Dr Feelgood cover)

Rosie (2018, Official video)

Falling Down (official video)

Island of Tales -  
To the memory of Pertti "Pempi" Siivola

Walking in the shadows of the blues

Legendary Whitesnake song covered here. Filmed by Timo Puukko with mobile phone in Toranda, March 2017.


Band was established in 2006, when four veteran musicians decided to start music from their youth.

The founder of the band, Pertti "Pempi" Siivola played the drums and Harri "Hartsa" Väänänen started as vocalist and guitarist. First bass player was Kaj Strang. Pekka "Pete" Kumpulainen joined the band after Kaj Strang. Tapani "Tapsa" Alajärvi played guitar and together these four guys recorded the bands first album "Rat trap". 

Tha album "Rat trap" was released in 2012 and at the same time Tapani Alajärvi left band. Yrjö "Ykä" Koskenniemi came to play the second guitar after him. 

2015 the band released their second album "Time machine".


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